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I'll set the stage for this little encounter a few weeks back..

We were driving on 528 in the red SRT heading towards our favorite Casino...

When a Blue GTO (We hadn't seen this one before) gets next to us and begins the flooring it and letting off routine that so often happens to us as we roll down the road MOB (Minding our buisness)..

Finally Lu has enough and down shifts into 3rd and gets next to the GTO.. the GTO driver obviously hears the SRT at higher RPM in 3rd at around 60mph.

He steps on and so does Lu, and needless to say the Red SRT makes quick work of the Goat, and puts on a one sided ugly beating... the GTO falls way behind...and we continue to our destination, forgetting about the GTO..

several miles up the road when hit a red light and low and behold the GTO catches up, and down comes the windows, and the GTO character yells out, "You wish you had a GTO like mine instead of a ricer", light goes green and he peels out and takes off...

Lu looks at me and says "What did he just say"

If he only knew.....
I hate people like that! What a tool bag! If I see that car I will make sure to put mustang whoopin on him, that'll hurt his feelings!!!
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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