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Ok i have some 241 heads i bought from a member here which is PUN1SHR which came from his 2001 camaro .
I installed them put about 4/5000 miles on them, my car threw a rod once again, so i am removing the engine and putting some goodies in...So i am going to replace them with ls6 heads from a z06. I no longer need these heads...I am going to remove them either friday or saturday once i get the engine removed, just waiting on a engine hoist, engine is pretty much loose. If i remember right PUN1SHR said it only have around 50k miles on the heads before he removed them.

I either want 60$ and split shipping costs. shouldnt be that much because im about 240 miles away from albuquerque.

i will trade for forza 3 for xbox 360. and split shipping costs.

these heads are assembled with springs and valves.. Will not come with rocker assemble...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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