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WTB Toyota Wheels

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Hey guys, went to discount to have my wheels balanced and found out that my rear wheel stud bores are all wallowed out and I need to replace my wheels.

I figured there's probably a lot of guys around that have upgraded their stock wheels, and maybe still have them laying around...

I'm looking for a set of four (4) 15" 6 bolt alloys from a Toyota 4x4. I think that anything from 85-2000+ will work, and probably more.

Let me know what you have, if equipped with tires I'm willing to negotiate that into the purchase price as well.

Contact via TSC PM, or call 379-2274

Thanks for looking!
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Do you have any pics of your rims? I might have it.
No pics, but they have 7 angled spokes, and kinda have a saw blade look. They don't have to be the same wheels, though, if you have all four. 15's preferred cause tires are cheaper...
I saw those ones and emailed the guy, but no response yet. Thanks for the heads up!
HwyKng had some 17's for super cheap from an FJ
i still have the 17" FJ wheels. Ive got some 15" from my 94 4x4 too that i may want to get rid of. Give me a call 505-310-9449
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