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WTB honda cbr600RR

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hey everyone i''m looking to buy a 2003 or 04 honda cbr 600RR. blue book value on these is around 3 to 4 grand looking for one around that price let me what you got or if know anyone
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1000cc monster with a 145lb guy is just a death wish in my eyes but thanks
thanks for a all the info but i want a bike to get too and from school and save some cash on gas. Just to let you know this is my third bike and like to get it up from time to time not to mention 160mph top speed is faster then i should be going on two wheels.

I would like to get a CBR 600RR being i'm a fan of hondas but if i can get a great deal on something else or even bigger bike thats great also.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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