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WTB honda cbr600RR

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hey everyone i''m looking to buy a 2003 or 04 honda cbr 600RR. blue book value on these is around 3 to 4 grand looking for one around that price let me what you got or if know anyone
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1000cc monster with a 145lb guy is just a death wish in my eyes but thanks
I'm a 135lb guy and i'll never own another 600cc bike. Shit feels super slow way to quick.. I enjoyed my liter bike. It's nothing more than throttle control.
Your use your bike in a different way though Keith.. If this homie wants to be a "stunter" then 600cc sounds good. But I'm the kind of rider that like to ride my bike to work or just play around town accelerating quickly when i can.. topping out the bike when the road looks safe.. and doing the occasional wheelie
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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