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WTB honda cbr600RR

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hey everyone i''m looking to buy a 2003 or 04 honda cbr 600RR. blue book value on these is around 3 to 4 grand looking for one around that price let me what you got or if know anyone
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Only :squid: complain about their 600s "not being fast enough."

A Ninja 250 can be a deadly weapon in the right (wrong) hands, and a liter bike can be very safe in someone else's. It's all in the rider and his brain (or lack thereof). Finchstang is partially correct however, it's easy to get bored with the acceleration of a 600 if all you wanna do is race Juanvon on Paseo Del Raceway. The solution? Practice something that doesn't rely on just horsepower/torque. Motorcycle's aren't like cars, it's not always the guy with the most money that impresses people. I'm 175lbs and my 600 works great. Then again I choose to get my kicks on one wheel.

Back on topic, the 600 market seems to be overpriced right now. Guys wanting $5,000 for 2004's with 10k miles. Insane. Took my buddy months to find an '04 636 with decent mileage for under $4,000. Good luck man.
A 1000 fits your bill no doubt, Joe.

FWIW, I get tired of people thinking of 600s as the bike to get "for a beginner" and a 1000 as the bike to get "to really go fast."

One thing I love about motorcycles - to "win" you need skill, unlike cars where the richest guy usually wins, though you can build/buy a budget race car and kick some ass. :)
thanks for a all the info but i want a bike to get too and from school and save some cash on gas. Just to let you know this is my third bike and like to get it up from time to time not to mention 160mph top speed is faster then i should be going on two wheels.

I would like to get a CBR 600RR being i'm a fan of hondas but if i can get a great deal on something else or even bigger bike thats great also.
I was just giving Bitchstang a hard time. I think your choice in bike is well justified, Honda's are great machines! :beer: Have fun!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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