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WTB Auto for 02 Z28

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Thinking of going auto in the Camaro. Anybody have a built auto they are looking to sell, or possibly trading for a m6? Thanks.
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So who has a TH400 for sale?
I still haven't decided, but I am switching one of my cars to an auto for racing. With the 6 speed and street tires, I almost put the Camaro in the wall this past Friday. I can't imagine what little red will do with the 5 speed.
Shit if you haven't decided which car is going auto I would vote lil red. Put a PG in that car and it would fly at the track and still be lots of fun to drive around town. (not saying the camaro wouldn't also fly but i'd rather keep the nitrous car a 6 speed and turn the turbo car into a track monster. Although I know last I saw your mustang it didn't have a cage.. not sure if your camaro had a cage or not.

Neither one of the cars have cages, I am not looking forward to caging either one of them. I have been looking around for an auto for either car. I actually have an AOD for the mustang. I have thought about looking around for a good AOD builder and having that tranny built since I already have it. I also have the pedals, and other misc. stuff from my last stang. I did the reverse on that car, went from AOD to T56.
Slomaro- The T56 will be for sale, if I do the swap.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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