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WTB...9mm or .40cal

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Well had an attempt at a home invasion on my home today and looking to add some protection...the house i live in i am renting and the home owner wont let me have me have a dog...soo need the next best thing when someone is home and what better than a gun...I am looking for a 9mm or a .40cal, around $300-400 dont care how many rounds have been shot through it as long as it is reliable and in good shape. The main reason im looking for a 9mm or a .40cal is because i have a 16 year old child in the house and he will need to use it in case of emergency, also i would like to teach him how to use it.
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.40 all the way,go check out ron petersons i bought too matchin s&w reaql cheap last year,they are really easier to fire
You're the second person to recommend Ron Petersons...i will have to stop by this weekend and see what they have to offer.
I have bought a few from AC firearms on southern. They have good prices and cust service.
.40 4sure
No .45 teknotard?

Jason on Vinny's account.
No .45 teknotard?

Jason on Vinny's account.
Gotta make sure my little brother doesnt knock himself over if he ever has to shoot the gun in self defense...he weighs less than you china doll! I think a 40 will be plenty for him to handle and have fun with as he learns to shoot the weapon.
just in case u missed it ron petersons FTMFW
Ron Perterson's is good but shop around. Sometimes they have great deals and sometimes its damn expensive. Ive always found Sportsmans to be the cheapest if you buy new. Look at an XD40 they are a really nice gun and cost around $450 new if I remember right.
Ron Petersons is good but If you want to buy new I would go to Sportsmens And they have lots 9mm and .40cal guns and ammo for good prices that I saw today when I was there. :headbang:
Shooters Den on San Mateo is good also. Im gunna have to check out Sportsmans
I'm surprised no one has suggested a shotgun yet. IMO best home defense firearm available.
Teknotard with a gun? :scared:

I have found sportsmans to have the best prices on new guns. I recently picked up a XDM .40 for my dad, and sportsmans was the cheapest in town by 50$
I have a 9mm Makarov if you are interested. The makarov round has a little less kick than a standard 9mm and it is also a steel frame gun, so the recoil is very brisk, making it extremely easy to control.

I might be going to the range this weekend, I can bring my .45s, .38 special, and 9mm makarov and let your son fire a few rounds through each to see which one he can control best. Just PM me and let me know.

Either way, I would vote you mind a steel frame gun. I wouldn't dismiss .45acp either (such as a Rock Island Armory 1911, which would fall into your price range). The extra weight and metal frame absorb more recoil than polymer guns do. IMO (just from my experience), the 9mm and 40sw give more of a pop that is felt in the wrist, where as the .45acp gives a kick which is felt by the entire forearm.
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I have a Ruger Special .40 cal and I love the gun good choice for you I'm not sure about the 16yr old boy you should get him a high powered paint ball gun and a machete.
Shooters Den on San Mateo is good also. Im gunna have to check out Sportsmans
+1 for Shooter's Den. Good guys in there.
I get my guns from Nieves on san mateo and menaul.
Although they only sell Glocks.
Law enforcement discount ftmfw!
Shooters Den on San Mateo is good also. Im gunna have to check out Sportsmans
There:eek:ldman: way to pricey but they have good help working there. I think sportsmans is the place to go. :headbang:
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