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who remembers the first time they drove a car

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i do it was my moms honda civic ls vtec swapped thing was pretty fast =] :headbang:
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nice i was like 8 when my mom let me drive the civic it was funny she said only stay on our street well i ended up taking me and her 8 blocks over after the she never let me drive till i got my provisional
how do you get hp???
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Haha i learned on the 66 bel air. i ****in love that car:lol:
thats so ****en:gay: its a 4dr :lol:
I do that with my kids when we are at the lake. By the time my kids were 7 they ware pulling a boat around the neighborhood. I'm to old to remember what I drove first but I am sure I was around 7 or 8.
my mom used to let me in her gnx i i didnt count that tho lol cuz i didnt work the peDALS cuz she knew i would floor it :headbang: but i was like 4
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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