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Which tires should I get?

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Well now that my tires are pretty worn down, I am considering buying better sized tires.
As of now I have stock pony rims, 16x7 (max tire fit is a 255/40/r16) and the tires on them now are cooper zeon 225/45/r16.
They don't grip for shit lol! I am not too far from stock except my gears (3.73)and anytime in first I will spin like no other, even after burnout (except at the track).
So what tires should I get? I'm thinking to stay away from drag radials seeing as its a daily driver and Id want a fair tread life...
I'm keeping my front tires on as they have tread life left and don't need some huge size tires on the front, so these would only be for the rear.
Also average prices for the tires would be great. Thanks.
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nitto drag radials. They last forever and they would be perfect for the power level youre at

Nitto DR = good tread life and they'll hook well with your power. I daily drive an MT drag radial so don't tell me about not wanting to daily drive on a Nitto. :lol:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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