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so when im supposed to be at school this is wat we go do

video 1 [ame=""]YouTube- montesa1.3g2[/ame]

video 2 [ame=""]YouTube- montesa2.3g2[/ame]

video3 this is what happens when u let ur dumbass friend try something new in their vehicle [ame=]YouTube - montesa3.3g2[/ame]

he bent the body up cracked his hard top and tweaked the frame

video 4 [ame=]YouTube - montesa4.3g2[/ame]

video 5 [ame=]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

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That looks like a video of you are a ******* if............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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I think me and joe topped that third vid in vegas in the 4runner lol
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