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Went for a ride in the Jemez today.

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The wife and I got up early and went for a criuse today up in the Jemez. Came a cross a new born Elk and mom. Heres a pic of the new baby. Mom watched my shoot the pic from a ways off.
My camera is not the best and I suck at photos but here you are. The cross in the last pic means alot to my family and I. We used to go camping to this spot when we were all kids. My cousin died a few years ago so my uncle put this cross up there for him. Hes got a great view.

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Omg. Just one of the many reasons I can't wait to get back home to NM. Nice pics man, beautiful spot.
Nice pics Andy. I am amazed we didn't run into each other today. We camped out there all weekend.
no shit, what did you drive up there andy?
Where in the jemez did you go?
Damn! I wish i woulda seen you guys. I was in our red 99 4runner. I wasnt on the los alamos side though. I went thru espanola. In the second pic you can see Abiqu lake next to the mountain.
Nice pics man the landscaping gave me the chills it looks so nice. Views like that are what keep me in NM.
Nice pics man amazing views out there
Ahh. We camp out off in the woods near fenton lake.
fuggers. need to invite me sometime.
fuggers. need to invite me sometime.
We going again soon.. hopefully July 4th weekend. We would be happy to have you roll out
Text me Andy ill let you know whats up.
Text me Andy ill let you know whats up.
Trey pm me your # again. Im so bad with #'s
Sent you a text. Save my number this time lol.
Anyone want to go to Abiqu lake on sat?
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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