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i need abokut 600 - 800 dollars within the next 30 days... let me know if you need yard work done or anything as such...

i also have some stock wrx parts for sale:
stock wrx TMIC w/ stock bov

stock sti exhaust (willing to part out)

thanks for looking,

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Or blood. I could use my weeds cut to be honest. When you available.

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They pay top dollar alright, but you have to have extremely high "soldier" count, and you can't be a loser. Women pay extra for taller, more handsome, more successful, more intelligent genes. Plus after you sell your stuff you get to look forward to possibly multiple kids getting curious and seeking you out to find out who their father is. That's the killer for me - they no longer guarantee anonymity, only promise to do their best...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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