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Vortech Ysi...

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Is a ****ING WICKED blower from what I hear. If anyone one on the board has one, post up with pics and application. The bitch bolts right up to S-trim brackets and its not much bigger (phisycally) than an S-trim. I hear they can support well over 1,000 up here and can feed a good headed 400+ ci motor... which is even hard for an X-trim to do here. Post up with any set-ups if thee is any. It would be nice to see a local set up.
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The red vett has a YSI on it as well...
I wonder what procharger competes with the ysi?
Idk maybe a f1
An F-1 would throw down on a YSi. The right F-1 anyway... like a 5/4 step up R wheel blower.
How much power will a f1r support and what about f2??
What makes the YSi bad ass is the physical size, and the way it throws power down early IMO.
Yep its a bad dude.
F1-R's will support up to 1200. F2-Rs up to 1600, F3s up to 2500, and F4's 3200+
Maybe one day ill get off my ass and finish this BIG block f2 A body...
YSI's are overated! 915 on 15#s, pump gas Art!
Is that it... Lol
1 - 6 of 43 Posts
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