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Vortech Ysi...

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Is a ****ING WICKED blower from what I hear. If anyone one on the board has one, post up with pics and application. The bitch bolts right up to S-trim brackets and its not much bigger (phisycally) than an S-trim. I hear they can support well over 1,000 up here and can feed a good headed 400+ ci motor... which is even hard for an X-trim to do here. Post up with any set-ups if thee is any. It would be nice to see a local set up.
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It is an awesome blower, read a few mustang articles about the V-27 ysi last week, small in diameter to be pushin 30psi on motors up to 1200hp. Are the numbers the same for the V-7 and V-27?
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^? have I amused you with an honest question?
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