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Here's my project TURBO_HO (#2). Car started out as a 1993 2.3L my sister purchased new in late 93' After my first turbo car shit rods, I sold it and started on the notch.

Here's the wk into the car so far.


FRPP A4 Block
Cola Billet Crank (Stock stroke)
Oliver Billet Rods (Stock Length)
Venolia Flat-Top Pistons (+.060)
Speed Pro Moly Rings
Canfield Alum Heads. 62cc/ 225cc
1/2" Head Studs
Cometic MLS Head Gaskets
FRPP F303 Cam
Comp R-Lifters
TFS Chromo P-Rods
Comp Pro Mag Rockers
K-Motion Double Springs
Wysco Fabbed Valve Covers
Hogans Tall Runner EFI Manifold-----:boobs:


UPR Chromo K-Member
UPR A-Arms
Strange Adj. Struts
UPR Coilovers w/ 150lb Springs
UPR Caster Camber Plates
UPR Bump Steer kit
Flaming River Manual Rack/ SS Shaft
5.0 Spindles/ brakes --- Soon to be Strange Pro Series
Aerospace Manual Master Cylinder
Jegs Line Lock/ Proportioning Valve
Wolfe Upper/Lower Adj. Control Arms
Wolfe Anti-Sway bar
Strange Adj. Shocks--- Going to Aldan Adj. Coilovers *(Autoweld Chassis)
8.8 From a 94 Gt. Moser 31spl, Detroit Locker, 3.73's, Disc brakes
U-Joints built DS---SUPER BURLY
Wolfe Thru-Floor Subframe's - not installed


Built C6 w/ alto/ kolene/ TCI VB/ Hurst Q-stick
UCC Converter
Innovators West 0oz Balancer
Innovators West Crank Trig/ Bracket
Meizere Series 300 WP/w/ Idler
March Pulleys
Jegs Alt. Bracket
SN95 Alternator
Big Stuff 3 DAI --- :secret:
Precision 82Lb/Hr Injectors
Aeromotive Pro Series EFI Regulator
Product Engineering Single EFI pump
Russel -10 Feed/ Return
Russel -8 Rail feed's
MSD Pro Billet
MSD 8.5mm SCD
Jegs 10g Fuel Cell -12 Outlet
Griffon Alum 3 rod Rad
Precision 3" Turbo Headers
Tial 38wg
Tial 50 DV
Precision Super 76 --- PT/Tial 42R *on the way :secret:
4" Turbo Back w/ SW 6" Muff
4" FMIC w/ 3" pipes
Holeshot 5 hole's
MT ET Streets/ Eagle Front Runners

All wk was done @ Wheels Up Racing by Mike and Myself.
Custom Turbo Kits/ Fabrication/ Engine Assy.

Not Bad for my first build!


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What size is that fitting on the thermostat housing? Looks a tad small.

Post up how you like that locker.

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Haha no Worner put the motor together but didn't build the intake. Its from hogans, its definitely a sweet piece.

The fitting is a 12AN, but I have a new plate with the stock 5.0 fitting on the manifold now.

I haven't tried out the locker yet, the car has yet to move since I pulled the 2.3L out of it, hopefully soon though, its been sitting long enough!

Here are a few more pics I had on my HD, once I get back to the shop I will snap a few more.


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Ah, cool, it just seemed small in that image anyway.

Get some bigger pix man, the ones of the car are tiny!

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Brake Lines are done, UPR K Member, A arms, camber plates, bump steer kit, Coilovers and Hood are installed and fit great. I lost over 80lbs from the sock setup and gained an inch or two of hood clearance for my intake manifold. Wiring is now almost complete, just waiting for the MSD Digital 6 and HVC II coil then ill be able to start this bitch.

Broke my camera so pics COMING SOON
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