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turbo accessories and 302 parts

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if you would like anymore pics let me know. give me a call at 5053197966 in interested. everything is OBO!! make me an offer

XS power BOV new-SOLD

Godspeed 3" Universal Intercooler Piping Kit- SOLD

HKS 40 mm wastegate(new)- $200
HKS 40mm Standard Wastegate - Modern Automotive Performance

intercooler(6.5" x 28" and 2.5 inlet/outlet)- $60

Blitz intercooler(31" x 12" and 2.5 inlet/outlet)-$100

Oil Pan(302) $20

timimng chain cover(302)- $15


smaller intercooler

bigger intercooler
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I'll give you 3 Japanese 12 yr old immigrants for that larger intercooler?
not sure bro. you would have to measure your front end. i dont got one so i cant measure it lol
I give you good luck with your exchange of goods for currency.
IDK what you guys are talking about.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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