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Trmin8r, lbz34 and more!!!!!

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Ls1 based Solid Tech built 408 eagle rods, eagle crank, Wiseco pistons, TEA stage 2 heads w/o-rings, Devastator cam, Solid tech turbo kit, solid tech fuel system, HP tuners 3 bar, precision PT88, Precision 1700 HP a2a intercooler, Precision 1000cc injectors, dual walboros, Powerglide with brake and convertor, Moser/strange 9" Solid Tech tuned.

That's the short list lol.
LOL! What the **** kind of list is that... I need specifics!.. you know like what seats are in the car... what kind of oil in the rear/tranny etc. etc. Damn! :king:
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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