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More parts to be added

I'm parting out a Red 86GT parts car minus motor/tranny front bumper cover. Has complete k member front suspension I believe new front brakes, fenders, electric window doors, hatch, rear bumper cover, rear 1/4 panels, 1/4 windows HVAC unit & controls 5speed pedals, steering column etc.

Additional parts off Maroon 86GT
85/86 GT front bumper cover (very rare) 250
LH/RH fenders w/5.0 emblems 50
LH/RH doors with roll up windows and door panels 100

94/95 Mustang parts
Cobra intake upper/lower w/1" spacer 275
fuel rail 25
24lb cobra meter 50
UPR tach mount
Fog light grilles

50LB Pro M draw thru meter (used with turbo) 125
42lb lucas injectors 200
99-00 Mustang steeda wing 60
79-93 drivers door glass 10
9" stock open center secton 45
Nitrous 4an bottle to solenoid feed line 25
2v Non PI updated intake 100

Call/text 720-3799
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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