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All parts are OBO and do not include shipping if applies to the sale. All 3v modular parts are off of Mike Garcias Eleanor build that I did a while back. Pictures are available upon request. I accept credit cards and paypal(paypal is + 3%) i will be adding a set of worked GT40 heads with race valves and upgraded springa as well a set of worked P.I. heads with manley valves and upgraded springs shortly.

Mac 1 5/8" longtubes- $250
for fox with standard heads. Brand new ceramic coating

Mac 2 1/2" O/R H-pipe-$70
fits above headers. Will sell headers & H-pipe-$300

FMS 24lb injectors-$70
Very good condition, dont know the mileage of them.

MSD/vortech BTM ignition-$150
NIB, P/N 5462, comes with new ford coil adapter harness.

Victor jr carb intake-$150
New condition, for 302

Mac 2 1/2" mufflers-$20
Were cut off of a mac catback to change mufflers

New NOS 10lb bottle-$100-Sold
Has -4 fitting with pressure gauge.Tank has been filled once. I think i may have the feed line to go with it.

Comp cams solid roller springs-$175
Brand new P/N-26075-16 I/H-2.00", O.D.-1.559",.750 max lift, [email protected]"
these springs retail for $370

2-TFS spring upgrade kits for stock 302 heads-$100 each

New bare victor Sr. heads-$900
Some minor porting.P/N 7729. They dont make these anymore. They take 2.10/1.625 valve combo,60cc cnc combustion chamber,240/80 cc runners. I have no use for them. I paid $1650 for these new.

Vortech Ys trim setup-$2000
Setup is a drivers mount head unit in passenger mount brackets with all piping and FMIC for a fox. Head unit has minimal use. The only thing it needs is the blower belt tensioner.

comp cams blower cam-$185
NIB, hydraulic roller, .565/.574 232/240 114ls with 2degrees advance cut into the cam

pro comp sbf pedestal mount rocker arms-$100
Full roller, aluminum bodied rockers for SBF. comes with grade 8 bolts,rockers,stands and alignment channels.300 miles of use.

4.6 2v P.I. cam and spring setup-$75

MMR stage II 3v turbo cams-$500
Cams made 803rwhp @ 18psi on pump gas. These cams have more in them. Im sure i dont have to explain what happened to Eleanors motor, but the combo had alot more in it!

06 3v cylinder heads-$700
Heads have extensive port work, HEADS COME BARE, im taking my spring kit and valves for my new heads, but will include the cam followers,stock springs and lash adjusters. Heads are cut for manley over sized valves and are better suited for a stroker modular. i dont remember the exact flow #'s but they are in the 290/215 cfm range on a 3.572" Bore if I remember correctly.

GT500 fuel pump hat with wiring kit and extra FPDM-$500

Tial 38mm silver wastegate-$85-SOLD
Tial 50mm silver BOV-$85-SOLD

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how much for pi heads??

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ok well let me know mike when you finish them
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