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Thursday Meets?

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So what happened to them? Are they still on or did that whole situation last time kill it? Just wondering what people are doing tonight for the Thurs meet?:pimp:
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We have been going to Wings & Things.
6219 Montgomery Blvd NE 87109

it's on the NW corner of San Pedro behind Ho Ho's.
Hell yeah, are you guys meeting tonight?
i am not going to make it tonight family issues
im going
i will be there this thursday
Also there!!!!
I'll start attending these. Switched days off for the next 6 months.
how late does every one usually stay?
how late does every one usually stay?
Depends on how many people show up. :lol: Long enough to eat, unless there ends up being some action...
I'll be there
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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