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This ones for LocoWill... 60-130 in 7.2 SEC

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Hey guys just did a 60-130MPH run earlier today in the DSM. This was the first and only run I did. I logged it on my EMS, if you would like to view the whole log download AEMlog here:
Then open up AEM log and open the .stf file I attached below.

But here is some screen shots of the log first one is time at 60mph second one is time at 130mph.Not too bad considering it was the middle of the day, next time I will get some in the cool of night.
60 mph:

130 mph:


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No the 460 whp was on the stock motor. It now has a built motor, havent dynoed it yet.
Ya Im in alb. Ya it runs pretty good for such a small turbo. Hopefully it still has about 8 psi of boost left in it.
STF File
You should be able to attach it now. :beer:
Added stf file and link to download AEMpro/AEM log
Yup no problem some one needs to bring "that" box and meet up with me so we can get the "real" numbers.
2 shifts?

Thats why you need to take that thing out to the track. Don't be afraid of no traction there are peeps on here who never get traction up there and they are there all the time.
Ya but there is no point to run a slow et at huge trap speed. When the car is ready for the track I will take it. I still need to turn up the boost, recertify my 5 pt harness's and get some tires.

AWD cars dont have that big of a problem with traction compared to FWD or RWD...i think matt has a good chance to have a better 60-130mph run at the track than the streets..SICK CAR none the less matt!:pimp:

Thanks Johnathan. Ya there is definitely not as much traction problems in awd vs fwd, but making this much power even my awd struggles for traction in the low gears. As far as 60-130 at the track the time would for sure be lower considering the road I did the pull on was not 100% flat and had a curve in it.
I want to see this stand up to the box. Id be willing to be its going to be a lot slower than 7.2.

I just don't see how 460 hp in a talon is going to turn that kind of number...
Well if you would have read my post earlier you would see that I said the 460 hp was on the STOCK motor. Now it has a built motor with more boost and is much faster than it was on the 460 hp.
well maybe you should take it out of your sig then?

here ill rephrase myself, i dont see how ANY talon could is going to turn that number.

Maybe you should race me? I know I dont do much better than locowill, and he does what 6.9?
I fixed my sig for you. You dont see how any talon could do that number? There is tons and tons of them that will do much faster than that. Look up John Sheperd, Kiggly racing, Sean Glazar, Magnus motorsports, etc.

I am going to race Will we are in the process of setting it up he just needs to pm me his number.
there ya go.

you going to be able to squeze some runs in tonight? Im sure locowill will be up for it.

if so, I will be there for sure. I love seeing that m3 move.
probably not tonight planning on drinking. Soon though
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