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omg ur right some fucked up people there....some chick ask if i was matt and i carried on a twenty minute conversation with her lol

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Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi there

You: you stupid jew mother fucker.

Stranger: umm

Stranger: not a jew

You: my mistake. sorry bout that.

Stranger: ok

You: turrets...ya know...

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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Stranger: hey im looking for a black guy to chat with
You: right hurr
Stranger: hi
You: hey...a/s/l
Stranger: 22/f/austraila
You: pretty far
Stranger: what is your asl?
You: 23/m/ca
Stranger: cool
Stranger: i like america
You: its what u look like
Stranger: are you asking for a picture?
You: if ur willing
Stranger: do you have one?
You: ya
Stranger: lets trade
You: ok
You: hold up...just to make sure nude trade or non nude?
Stranger: lol non nude
You: woah..very hot!!!!!!
Stranger: aw thanks :D

im not black but she is pretty hot

this link ftw

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"why dont you have a seat over hear and talk to me for a minute" lol

shes hot'd do 10-12 for that 15 lmao j/k

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this is so EPIC heres my convo

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: 안녕
Stranger: 안녕
Stranger: 안녕
Stranger: 안녕
You: you fucking ****
Stranger: 아녀녕
Stranger: what?
You: your a ****
Stranger: ****?
You: ya ***** fuck
Stranger: no me is korean
Stranger: bitch head ㅋㅋ
You: i love korea
Stranger: sorry
Stranger: girl?
You: i especially would rather ride a bike through endless fields and due manual labor then drive my car with the AC on
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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Stranger: hi
Stranger: asl?
You: you first
Stranger: 17 m nepal
Stranger: u?
Stranger: hey?
Stranger: net is slow
You: don't matter, i'd still shit on your face and fuck it.
Stranger: ?
Stranger: u r guy?
You: you heard me, fucking **** ass motherfucker
You: ofcourse, you dumb hooker
Stranger: u .....
Stranger: sale
You: i said i'd shit on you
Stranger: lado kha
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

How the fuck did you find this keith? shit's fucking hilarious

Stranger: Know any good porn websites
You: not that I know of
You: they all suck
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Lol wtf?

Do you even lift?
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Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: GIRL?
Stranger: yup
You: are u black?
Stranger: boy?
You: yess
Stranger: on the inside
You: i have a cock yes
You: do u like...cock?
Stranger: they call me uh oh oreo
Stranger: lol no joke
You: thats a typical black name
Stranger: r u black?
You: they call me big joe
Stranger: yes its yummy
You: no im a jew
You: do u like jews?
Stranger: lol only kool aid...haha
Stranger: jk... do you?
You: the kool-aid man was not a jew
Stranger: lol ur funny *****
You: im not black, nor am i a jew u ******
You: let me ask u some questions
Stranger: wtf?
You: have u ever sat on a fire hydrant?
Stranger: k
Stranger: go
You: i did go motherfucker
You: do you like the feel of a pillow case?
Stranger: no
You: on your tits
Stranger: why?
You: cause i fucking like that
Stranger: ya
You: in a ****** girl
You: ****** ****** is what i will call u
You: or coco the gorilla, does that fly with u baby girl
Stranger: lol im not mexican
Stranger: sure
You: eh i can see u, u look pretty illegal to you know how to cook?
You: i need a bitch that knows whats good for her
Stranger: u can't see me and ya
You: you have no ties with michael jackson do u?
Stranger: whats good for her?
Stranger: lol no...
You: whats good for her is to be in the fucking kitchen
You: good, i prefer my females to not be involved with plastic
Stranger: lol thats good
You: do u like green chili?
You: on ur tits
Stranger: never happened before
You: well fucking aye
You: you would enjoy it
You: have u ever masturbated to the site and sounds of a willow tree?
Stranger: if u say so
Stranger: no
You: well thats a shame, one should be in touch with their inner mother nature
You: how old are you anyways blacky chan?
Stranger: OMG i have a fish named blacky chan... from white chicks right?
Stranger: i love that movie but im 18
You: OMG what does that mean?
You: oh hey your legal
Stranger: oh my god...
Stranger: like i was surprised you said that
You: oh i see, thats black talk
Stranger: gnr
Stranger: gotta ***** rollin
You: I steal your tv is what that means
Stranger: what?
Stranger: what?
Stranger: ur mexican?
You: have u ever deep throated a panda bear?
You: kung-fu panda preferrably...
Stranger: wtf! no
Stranger: do i need to be in touch with inner panda??
You: your a dirty hoe
Stranger: what?
You: no but a panda will teach u a few things about the proper way to suck cock, since studies show that 87% of the population of females can't give a proper blow j
Stranger: oh really
You: are u wearing make-up?
Stranger: what is proper about it?
You: im asking the questions here
Stranger: no
Stranger: oh ok...
Stranger: continue
You: how many pounds of make-up do u wear on a typical day?
Stranger: lol on a typical day i wear mascara and thats like it... i don't wear make up all the time
You: what a shame, i like a girl that can take a few pounds to the face
You: whats ur age?
Stranger: oh my bad.
You: in gorilla years
Stranger: i already said 18 and u said oh ur legal
Stranger: what are gorilla years?
You: human life xdiddy kong
You: so u take ur life and multiply it by diddy kong
You: =age
Stranger: idk what u mean
Stranger: what is diddy kong.. besides the monkey
You: sorry i cannot make african tribal talk sounds through my typing but i will try
Stranger: LMAO
You: that was not the answer I was looking for
You: can u handle a 9"?
Stranger: i don't speak whatever that was
Stranger: ya *****
You: good cause I am gonna break that african ass
Stranger: how old r u?
You: and then send u back to Kenya
You: I am 43 Diddy Kongs
Stranger: ur 43?
You: in Diddy Kong
You: years
Stranger: how many human years are you?
You: I dont like to use that calculation
You: I prefer diddy kong, that is a more accurate age
Stranger: too bad i do so tell me please
Stranger: wtf
Stranger: ur confusing
You: But since you are a retarded coco the gorilla, 22
Stranger: oh ok thats better
You: can I give you a boston pancake?
Stranger: what is that?
You: well do you like pancakes?
Stranger: like the breakfast food?
You: yes the normal fucking breakfast food
Stranger: lol just making sure *****.. ya
You: with syrup?
Stranger: ya
You: GOOD, yes, you would love a boston pancake
You: all over u
Stranger: im assuming you like eating food on ur "bitches"
You: no no you are confused
You: here I dont want to spoil the surprise I have in store for you coco, Urban Dictionary, July 1: mow the laundry
You: and search for boston pancake
Stranger: oh man that urban dictionary... hold up
Stranger: that is NASTY
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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