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The new Shoes and Fascia...

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I want to thank Grip Tuning for providing a bad ass product and Loid's Rides for putting on the make-up.

I especially want to thank Bismark at USW for taking the time to match the blue to my difficult blue flames. lol

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Do you have any shots of the old frt end?
nice! Looks good!!
new front end looks much better and good to see you got your blue wheels back on the car.
much much better looking! props!
Looks killer Ron!! That new front end looks great!
Sick!!!! Now you just need some small black flames on the wheels. That would set it off.
looks sick! :D
looks way better
Ron, let me know when you want some pics! :)
looks bas ass
Ron, let me know when you want some pics! :)
You tell me brotha, and I will have her cleaned up.
Looks slow
Damn bro i love your ride looks supper clean!!
Looks good!
Front looks good Ron. I saw you drive by the post office on Paradise Friday morning. Looks and sounds great!
I really love how the wheels came out this time around!
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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