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The Heavy Chevy

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My heavy chev is gettin a make over this week. My grandfather in-law purchased this truck brand new in 87 when he was about 63 and just tooled around town in it, when he died I was given the truck in 2001 and it was cherry, I drove the truck for a while and when I moved to Albuquerque I got bored with it, lifted it 6" put 35" mickey's on it and beat the living piss out of it rock crawling! LMAO!!! I also rearended a stoped cadilac at about 60mph and completely went over the top of it! I fixed all of that and then the motor took a shit, built a moderate 350 for it and got everything else all dialed in, now it runs like a champ and makes some great torque. I stepped down to some 33" less agressive tires to help the horrible gas mileage and now it is time for a make over! I pulled the truck in today to tie up all the minor dings and dents and Monday i will throw some fresh paint on it and tuesday or wednesday i will spray in a new bedliner. Minor project but I figured I would post up some before pics and some after pics!


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Thats gonna be sick.
That truck needs a BigBlock and an F1R. I just happen to know where you can find a nice one !
that would be dirty
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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