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Thank you R.O.D.S organization!!!

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Just want to thank Lawren Jones, the R.O.D.S organization, Abq Dragway and all the event sponsors that made this race possible.What an amazing weekend. Friday night starts out with Bruce ***** crashing his beautifiul turbo Mustang. Saturday brings more craziness with Frank Varrela spinning out his gorgeous supercharged Mustang ( great recovery Frank) and not hitting a thing! Almost every car battled through some kind of mechanical or traction issue. Mike Keenan made his big debut in his insane 555 inch twin 91mm turbo SS Camaro. Mike didnt get his car down the track under power but the important thing is he tried. Glad to see a racer like him who built such a serious car not lose touch with his roots. The Dickson Racing team was not without problems either. Our first qualifying pass resulted in a blistering 10.00 pass due to a boost controler failure.Our second attemp resulted in what would have been a huge wheelie if I had not pedaled it three times with an 8.52 @ 169mph. Our lap top died during this pass also so we had no date log. Chris Groves from the Dyno Edge stepped up and loaned us his lap top and also helped us with the tune up. We ended up going to the finals against Robert Costa and losing to a great person/ team . We our very proud and happy to say our car went down that track EVERY pass and went a new best of 8.37 @ 171mph. That was also [email protected] to the eighth, also a new best! I just took one of my team members for his first 150mph burnout in it down second street and he shit his pants so I guess the motor is still happy! Thanks again everyone!! Anthony Dickson
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Congrats on the new best and I would like to hear more about this Camaro...
it has BIG BIG turbos with a BIG motor and it makes HUGE POWER thats all i know about it
lol ok thanks for sharing Art...
I will google him.
Mike Keenan had the silver 99-04 body style mustang that was pretty ****ing fast.
That was before the Camaro he has now right?
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