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TH400 Wont Go Into Park

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So I pulled my th400 last season to change my setup. It was shifting fine and only had 3 passes on it. Now after putting it back in, it won't go into park. I did put in a different converter, flexplate, and a new trans pan. Any ideas?

It's in a 4th gen f body, 6 liter iron LS1.
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What kind of a shifter do you have? If it's a B&M I think some times the ratchet shifters require two clicks to get from reverse to park. Make sure the cable is adjusted right so that it can fully engage into park. That's all I got.
Well it won't even go into park if you do it by hand, without the shifter.
hmm. Well is the pan deeper and aftermarket? The linkage may not be clearing something on the pan.

What about the neutral/park safety switch? Could it be locking you out like an auto does if you shut it off in a gear that's not in park? Like when you have to start it in neutral then you have free reign of the gears.
Don't have a safety switch yet. We'll pull the pan and see if anything isn't clearing.
Weird problem to be having termy since it worked fine before.. hope you get it fixed quick
that sucks to hear Sean I hope you figure out the problem good luck man !!!
Take it to angelo im sure he will help you out sean
Take it to angelo im sure he will help you out sean
I'm sure he will if he can't figure out the problem, probably nothing to hard and Angelo isn't exactly just across the street.

P.S. Issac, You owe me money Damnit!! The way I see it with all the compounding interest you owe me 10 bucks bitch

Hey look I have one sitting right over there that is for sale. J/K

Good luck as I have no real suggestions for you.
Well I figured it out. The new pan wasn't letting the shifter linkage inside the trans go to park. I clearanced it and it works fine now. You would think a company like B&M would know how to make th400 pans better than this.
good deal so when will it hit the streets/strip?
That is some BS right there. Weird.
Wierd problem to have, but glad you got it all fixed.
Not sure when it'll be on the street, should be tomorrow night...
Not sure when it'll be on the street, should be tomorrow night...
**** yeah,havent seen the car on the streets in a while
Sick. Gald to hear its sorted out.
Well it be on the street or the track or both?
Sick. Im gonna roll to solid today. Didnt make it yesterday.
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