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tell me what you think!!

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so today i checked my oil in my car and realized there was a little bit of water in my oil when i popped a breather off.then i pulled my dipstick and no signes of water there but only where my valve covers are is it a intake leak or head gaskets tell me wat u think??


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ill take some pictures of it tomorrow with the valve covers off ive drained the oil once before when i saw that thinking the same thing but im not sure now
My question is, "Have you ever had a radiator hose burst which exposed your breather to water?" Do you hose down the engine bay to clean?

How much water are you talking about?

You never mentioned that this has happened in the past.
Holy shit.

Awaiting for your answers to my questions, but I would start by removing the intake and see if the problem is there. If not, then the heads...

Is it just the one side, or do you have that brownie mix on both sides?
you got the poo all over
bwahahahahahaha LOVE that Joe Dirt quote.. haha
yea its on both sides and it did happen once before then i changed the oil thinking it was condensation
that much chocolate milk is NOT good and is certainly not condensation.
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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