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Suggestions on how to buy/sell over the Internet

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Please take a moment to read through these suggestions before buying and selling items on our website. We cannot take any responsibility regarding the quality of the items or the trustworthiness of the buyers and sellers but hopefully these guidelines will help you.


-Always post an asking price. This is not eBay, auctioning parts is not allowed.

-Private seller and sponsors may post items for sale.

-Consolidate your threads. If you have multiple items to list for sale at the same time, list them together on a common thread rather than posting them individually.

-Post your threads in the correct forum. If you're looking for parts, the "For Sale" forum is the wrong place to post. Use the "Parts Wanted.”

-Buyers, as mentioned before, you are encouraged to do the necessary research to make sure you are entering into a good deal. Using the correct method of payment as well as tracking all emails and PM's pertaining to the deal will help you out should you need to pursue legal action in the event of a bad deal. Use the search function to check user names, items for sale, etc...

-Using a safe method of payment like Paypal, credit card, or COD are all among the safer ways to conduct internet transactions. If a buyer refuses, this may be an indication for a possible bad seller. Make sure to always request a tracking # and ETA from the time of payment so you know when to expect your purchase.


-Selling one part? List the part in the title! If listing multiple parts mention that in the title. Please only run one ad at a time.

-You must include a price. No exceptions.

-You may put up eBay links but you must put a short description of the item(s) in the body of your ad.

-Check your ad frequently. Please post what items are sold.

-In general, please try to sell items that are ready to ship. If the items are still on a vehicle, please note that. Boxing up an item before posting an ad works great, note that and you may get quick responses.

-Pictures gets deals done fast. Check our our attachment feature under advanced posting options.


-As always, buyer beware! If you think something is too good to be true, then it is. If the seller makes you uncomfortable, walk away. Don’t be afraid to ask for references. Ask for moderator or administrator references, or members with high post counts.

-Need pics? Ask for them.

-Dibs? Rather than ask for dibs, just tell the buyer you want to buy the item for sure. Be decisive or you might miss out.

-Got questions? Ask them. But don’t ask three or four rounds of questions you might miss out. Sometimes an item will get sold to someone else who was more organized and more decisive.

-Buying a big-ticket item and have some concerns? Get a cell number or phone number, and talk to the seller on the phone.


-We generally are not comfortable with trades.

Bad Trader Examples

-Person will not give you a phone number, and wants to only deal with you over the Internet

-Person wants you to make payment to a different name.

-Person wants to do a trade, like the old Jason Pierce “trade my rims for your rims” scam from a few years ago.

-Person has very low post count, and does not work with you to get you comfortable i.e. by furnishing references or a phone number.

-Person will not answer your questions in detail.
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