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New guy here. I have a 2000 dakota r/t with PT76 sts turbo system from Performance Injection Equipment. I dynoed at 503 rwhp and 510tq. That was with 10lbs of boost, the dyno run is on streetfire. I have a meth unit hooked up and will be dyno tunning in about 2 weeks for 16lbs of boost. The motor is a 360 not a stroker--it is built with stud girdle J&E pistons scat rods, heads where ported at P.I.E small cam and tb. I run a built tranny with a 3000 stall turbo actioin convertor. My best run to date was at [email protected] with a 1.75 60' time and that was on 11lbs of boost nice cool day about 40 degrees. I drove the truck to atco from my home in lower delaware witch is about 2 1/2 hours away. Well thats a little about me:whogives:yeah I know but there it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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