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Stock SS or WS6 vs STOCK SRT-4

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ok, so anyways, had an argument with a group of srt 4 owners. and i made a bet with one of them, saying a stock ss or ws6, 6 speed whatever.. would beat a stock srt 4, he thinks im crazy for some reason :O but if any one can get these 2 cars 2 race since i dont have either... and his srt isnt even close to stock :p... id appreciate it
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Your friend is a moron.

LS1 car would open a stock SRT4's butthole like a flower.
I have no idea what altitude does to NA cars as opposed to boosted cars or anything of that nature.

I barely even know what a turbo is or how it works. All I know is my peripheral vision gets blurry when so called "boost" comes in, ala 2f2f. Thats good enough for me.
Well, if you know the answer, why ask opinions? Like I said, my times were comparable to the faster STOCK srt-4s, meaning I've seen a few out at the track running the same 13.9's-14.0s. Remember, even if those are similar times, the SRT picks up a handful more MPH out of the 1/4 mile, meaning from roll race, it will most likely be faster all things comparable.
And the fastest stock LS1's have been as fast as a 12.7. Which is over a full second and many car lengths ahead of an SRT. I understand that didnt happen in the magical world that is New Mexico, but contrary to what you may believe regarding altitude, that doesnt make white turn into black, and up turn into down.

Are there differences especially when comparing a boosted car to an NA car? of course. But nothing earth shattering to the point it would hugely change a matchup between two 300 horsepower cars.

A stock LS1 is a faster car, period. Roll, stop, whatever you want. And I dont even have an LSx bias. I hate my camaro. In fact once I sell it Ill probably never buy another LSx motor again because Id rather boost a dodge or lambo.

Here on the east coast that isnt in the sky, SRT 4's are regarded as 14 second cars stock within the hands of an average driver, and LS1's are regarded as mid 13 second cars in the hands of average drivers.
like this


But Im not cool enough to have an ACR sticker on any of my vehicles, so that part is omitted from my description.

I need to take back all my posts and replace them with Teh LS1 can nevar lose!!!!1!!!
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