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Stock SS or WS6 vs STOCK SRT-4

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ok, so anyways, had an argument with a group of srt 4 owners. and i made a bet with one of them, saying a stock ss or ws6, 6 speed whatever.. would beat a stock srt 4, he thinks im crazy for some reason :O but if any one can get these 2 cars 2 race since i dont have either... and his srt isnt even close to stock :p... id appreciate it
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sea level the f-body should win easy, up here in albuquerque, my best stock SRT-4 time was [email protected], most f-bodies I would see in the low to mid 14's, but that's not to say they aren't faster. From a sissy roll, srt would probably walk away.
word, so tell nick with the white acr that :) he owe me 20 bucks haha :p
I wouldn't get ahead of yourself, there are only 3 posts in this thread, 2 of which come from people who most likely haven't had much seat time in a sock either up here in the clouds.
Well, if you know what stock ls1 runs, my best stock srt time is what I stated, which is on par with about the best I've seen for completely stock SRT-4's here in town. Compare the two times and you have your answer. Pretty simple. Finding either of those stock to run eacho ther is pretty hard as they are very popular cars to modify.

Like I said though, most of the completely stock ls1's I've seen were in the mid-low 14's and mid-high 90's
I have no idea what altitude does to NA cars as opposed to boosted cars or anything of that nature.

I barely even know what a turbo is or how it works. All I know is my peripheral vision gets blurry when so called "boost" comes in, ala 2f2f. Thats good enough for me.
Seems like most relatively stock cars lose about 1 second give or take from sea level to Albuquerque. It's around a 20% correction on the dyno form all the dyno's I've had.
well, ive seen near stock ls1's run 13.8 13.9, and just cuz one srt4 runs a 13.9 doesnt mean they all do, its a mean avg. i bet more ls1's run 13's stock then srt4s... regardless.. track is not what im after any way. im looking for street. this is in the street racing forum yes? and in my humble opinion i think ls1's are faster, and ofcourse you contest this. but i dont own an ls1 u own an srt4.. ofcourse your opinion "COULD" be bias.
Well, if you know the answer, why ask opinions? Like I said, my times were comparable to the faster STOCK srt-4s, meaning I've seen a few out at the track running the same 13.9's-14.0s. Remember, even if those are similar times, the SRT picks up a handful more MPH out of the 1/4 mile, meaning from roll race, it will most likely be faster all things comparable. Am I not answering your question the way you want to hear it or something?
I barely even know what a turbo is or how it works. All I know is my peripheral vision gets blurry when so called "boost" comes in, ala 2f2f. Thats good enough for me.
like this

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maybe someone can tell if the 2nd and last races are lt1 or ls1
[ame=""]YouTube - Albuquerque Drag Racing 03/17/07[/ame]

2nd race on this one also, announcer says 14.2 to the winner of this one, but you can't see the time.

[ame=""]YouTube - ABQ opening day, part 2[/ame]
That being said, numbers are numbers, the videos are more for Drivn though, so he can see what they run here, vs. sea level. I doubt 4 drivers on the same day are all terrible drivers.
pretty sure that pewter vert was ls1 as I think that color was only ls1 cars
14.1 was my fastest bone stock srt time. it was also my first time on a drag strip.

Remember what you got on slicks stock?
98-100, I had a freak [email protected] once, came out tires blazing.
I need to take back all my posts and replace them with Teh LS1 can nevar lose!!!!1!!!
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