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Stock SS or WS6 vs STOCK SRT-4

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ok, so anyways, had an argument with a group of srt 4 owners. and i made a bet with one of them, saying a stock ss or ws6, 6 speed whatever.. would beat a stock srt 4, he thinks im crazy for some reason :O but if any one can get these 2 cars 2 race since i dont have either... and his srt isnt even close to stock :p... id appreciate it
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word, so tell nick with the white acr that :) he owe me 20 bucks haha :p
ive driven many many STOCK ls1.. i used to work at pitre, ive driven ws6, ss, z28, ive had tons of seat time in ls1, and ive driven a couple MODDED srt-4's. i am not about to turn this into a damn argument, i was getn opinion. but my head is far from in the clouds, and i have got plenty of "seat time" not to mention racing the ls1's vs many things, evo's sti's mach1's porsche's anything we got in on trade... just never a stock srt4.. so its whatever, maybe some one can race em and make it final.
well, ive seen near stock ls1's run 13.8 13.9, and just cuz one srt4 runs a 13.9 doesnt mean they all do, its a mean avg. i bet more ls1's run 13's stock then srt4s... regardless.. track is not what im after any way. im looking for street. this is in the street racing forum yes? and in my humble opinion i think ls1's are faster, and ofcourse you contest this. but i dont own an ls1 u own an srt4.. ofcourse your opinion "COULD" be bias.
well, ofcourse my friend isnt going to take my word for it if there is money on the line, right? so if i gather a consensus.. maybe it would change his mind, or maybe 2 cars can race, post a vid.. or maybe some one has a vid. thats why i posted the thread, its not EVEN the money that i care about 20 bucks aint shit.. its the principle of the argument and winning it that is important to me. and yes i understand they will pick up mph.. but in my honest opinion srt4s would get walked even up top. i can probly get a stock ls1, if u can get a stock srt4. but i cant promise that i can... its a maybe. im sure some one on here has a stock ls1 and a stock srt4...
word... i am a honda man personally.... but the srt4's are rated at like 230, and the ss's are rated at 330.. with a lot more torque.. torque moves weight.. so the weight issue almost becomes negligent in my eyes.. but its still a factor.. dunno what a stock f body weighs im assuming about 3600 to 3800 lbs
and a stock srt some where in the 3000 to 3200 lb range.. both with driver
the 2nd looks like an lt1.. its purple.. and i believe 6 speed matters on the street.. and this is at the track once again, defeating the purpose of posting it in the "street racing" forum. the last one looks like an ls1.. i dunno, but it could be auto, or driver error, best way to solve it is just to have 2 cars race. stock vs stock
but also.. the last car trapped only 95.. so its probly an lt1... ls1 usually i see trapping around 99 or 100.. he only picked up 15 mph between the 1/8 and the 1/4.... sounds like an lt1.. but no way to be for sure.. if i had to guess looks like an lt1 with i/e
That being said, numbers are numbers, the videos are more for Drivn though, so he can see what they run here, vs. sea level. I doubt 4 drivers on the same day are all terrible drivers.
Not if its an LT1 :)..
may be so, id still like to see the race stock vs stock, both good drivers.. see who wins, cuz me and my buddy had a demo.. BLACK ta.. 6 speed.. stock ls1 with 200k miles.. i kept up with an r6 till 90.. also.. i dumped on a lot of modded srts.. turbo hondas... modded evos and sti's ... things of that nature..
i see, well that sounds near the same as most of the cars ive seen.. 13.9 at 101.. 13.8 at 100... 14 at 102... ive seen a lot of that. also saw a ta with just exhaust.. no headers do 13.5 at 106 or something like that..
lol vinny.. u remember the piece me and pinky were driving? with ****ed up 3rd... and 200k miles? it had like cat backs.. but we were yanking a lot of shit.. it was funny ;P
200k miles on a GM ftw ROFL
fast for a hunk of crap sure lol
:party: <--- skittles :D, no i like srt4s.. i really.. mass potential.. big 4cyl turbo'd stock.. nicks acr was very fast... no reason to be a smart ass... i was just getn opinion and went off topic with vinny.. o btw.. vinny did u read ur post about the 10 bolt? off topic again... pink knows a guy i think..
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