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Stock Eaton Port and Polish. ***pulley removal tool***

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So a guy on another forum has a very low mileage blower with a 2.6" pulley which i want but won't seperate them. Thinking about buying the combo and taking the pulley off putting it on my blower while i have the the one I bought port and polished. Anybody have any idea what kinda gains I might get from the p&p and who does it locally?
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They do.

I also have a puller that might work.
Cool well this guy won't seperate his damn pulley from his blower and Benny is camping I want to at least have my pulley swapped by the end of this week lol. Got one that will go on my Eaton expat? Smaller than 2.9"?
Nope. I have a 2.7" Cobra/lightning pulley, but its on my car now. Only other pulley I have is a 2.86" slip/bolt on for the Roush TVS2300.

Metco Motorsports 2.70" Supercharger Pulley (Hub and Ring)
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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