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Shiftslow Pictures:

S2lsw: Turbo S2000 @10psi
Supra87: Built 35r Wrx
EckoUltd87: TT G35
jc0526: Turbo 260Z
Opie2184: Bolt on Srt-4
Biglos: Cammed GTO
bun1t: ZX-6RR

[ame=""]YouTube - SSP: Turbo s2000, built 35r WRX, Twin turbo G35, Cammed GTO, Neon Srt-4, Turbo 260Z[/ame]

1st run is slightly blurry to hide the wrx's plates:thumbsup:
which doesn't really matter because the video is computer generated

2nd run..the camera didnt focus:facepalm:
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