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ShiFtSlow Films:

Tito911Sti - Gt35r Sti
Eder-Loco - 35r Dsm Eclipse
Danny_LS3 - Bolt On LS3
Chadmod - Bolt on C5 Z06
Fmax420 - Modded EvoX
Opie2184 - Stg.1 neon
Transam - Cammed and Auto
Leonel - Gt35r Sti
Silver3V - Bolt on. Tune and 100 wetshot
Manny - Bolt on Neon

[ame=]YouTube - SSF: 35r STIs/DSM Eclipse. LS3 Corvette. C5 Z06. EvoX. Srt-4. 3V Mustang GT[/ame]
[ame=]GT35r STIs LS3 Vette c5 z06 EvoX gt35r dsm- Video[/ame]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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