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Sonic Cruise Night (Arizona)

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Damn too bad it not like the 26, or around that weekend, i'd so go, cuz i'll be out there for auditions. But i'm definatly gonna go out and check out what racin and cars they got out there while i'm there.
26th of June is going to be really HOT. Drink lots of water and don't judge the car events by what you'll see in the hot summer months.
I wont judge them at all. I just wanna check it out. I never really seen any kool racing besides here and in colorado. Is it really? Well at least i wont have to wait in line in the cold. I have to be at the phoenix convention center in line no later than 445am. Do you happen to know of any good not too too expensive hotels near that.?
The convention center is downtown and you don't want to stay in a cheap hotel down there! Depending on your other plans for the weekend you might want to stay in one of the suburbs. The traffic will be lite that early in the morning. The freeways are pretty good out here and you could stay in Tempe, Snottsdale, or even Chandler with out much of a commute. Everything is spread out here so you're going to do some driving. Traffic moves fast even on the surface streets. I got use to it pretty quick and get pretty annoyed at the drivers when I have to visit Albuquerque. I made some hotel suggestions below:

Tempe Hotels, Spas and Conference Centers, The Buttes, A Marriott Resort, Hotels Near Phoenix and Scottsdale The butes! Nice Hotel/resort. The commute isn't bad to downtown Phoenix (15min ish). Real close to downtown Mill ave (college age night life).

Hotels In Phoenix | Pointe Hilton Resorts Phoenix AZ | Pointe Hilton Resort In Arizona Same as above, but they have a kick ass waterslide!!!!!

Both of those are kind of pricey, but there are several hotels around the area that are safe, close enough to downtown, and centrally located between Phoenix, Tempe, and Snottsdale so you can have some fun when you're finished with work.
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ok. Thank you so much. Yea I have to be there Thurs (25) night, and i have auditions friday for the show, and depending on call backs, i'll be stayin through the weekend. I didnt make any other plans other than for the audition.
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