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something always breaks at the track

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but i think it was starting to go out on the dyno, anyway it was like a chain saw was trying to cut through. the track officials were like your car is sparking
but they still let me run

1st run 19 lbs, blew off IC pipe as i shifted into 4th and coasted about 1/4 of the track

2nd run 15 psi IC pipe held and managed a 12.6 @ 124, not bad for low boost
but i wounder if it would have trapped a little higher if i didnt have that driveline rubbing aiganst the chassis?
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Ouch. Why did it start rubbing all of the sudden?
thers a bolt holding the diff in line with the driveline, and the diff is held in place by a casing bolted to the chassis is the best i can explain, in other words the bolt that goes through the diff and into the casing snapped
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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