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Some Mods To the Lightning

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I love to read the build threads and check out what others have done or are doing. So I figured some of you may like to see what I have done to the Lightning over the past few months.

Started of by doing upper and lower LCA's along with a power rack system to replace the standard heavy truck steering setup. End result is a far firmer feel and a lot more responsive steering. The new harder bushings in the LCA's add to the feel.

Since the above pic was taken I have replaced the hose with braided/an lines.

A trans cooler from the F250 diesel lineup was fitted. Cools much better. I also bypassed the radiator to help keep the trans temps in order.

Next the Whipple 140 was exchanged for the larger Whipple 210.

A friends dog had to pose on it.

A few misc shots

All parts were installed by Josh and me in my garage, well Wayne came over to drink some beer ever now and again lol.

Brakes are new too, I know I know she needs a brake fluid change. Next on the to do list.
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Damn James, all that work and ine would never think it was a fast 1320 truck. lol

Looks great. How much HP does the polished steering give you? haha

Can't wait to see the truck in person. And yea, that brake fluid is fricken NASTY! haha
"All parts were installed by Josh and me in my garage, well Wayne came over to drink some beer ever now and again lol."

What's up with the warm beer thing? :beer:

Lucas refrigerators?

Truck's looking good.
Good job man truck looks clean good work.
Nice! Lookin great! The modding never ends.
Nice! Lookin great! The modding never ends.

I think that's why they really named it a "Mod" motor.. cause ya neva stop doing shit to it.. :twocents:
Thats a badass truck!
Some sweet parts there..When do you plan on hitting the track with the new setup?
That is a great looking setup!
Love the power steering rack!
Lookin good man can't wait to see it run at the track!!!
Looks like it screams. Nice truck
That is some nice looking installs, probably a pretty nasty little sleeper truck.
Wasn't this done a few months back?
Apparently you neglected to read the first post... :banghead:
IF your thinking about just tossing that ol' used up 140 whipple, you could just send it my way...:twocents: Just sayin...
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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