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Solid Tech Busa Baseline Dyno vs. Solid Tech Tuned

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Mods are all suspension at this point. Bike has a K&N filter and the stock pipes are gutted form the previous owner.

Feels a tad better well see what the track says.

Before tune vs after tune.

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I didn't look at uncorrected, forgot to. But the correction factor was 21% So 120.8 ish tuned.
The IAP map was pretty good stock. I just did WOT to get the feel for the software, it leaves a lot to be desired in the way of map changes, and I did find one bug in it, but for free I am not complaining. It works pretty good stock, but it's the big fuel system that will make or break the Freeware. I did disable IAT and put it in dyno mode, although its my first bull, it's not my first rodeo lol. BTW AFR was the typical 13.0 ish after the tune.
Number is 505-294-1020. You can ditch the whole power commander stuff with the tune up. The stock ecu works as a window switch, WOT switch and I can tune separate nitrous fuel and timing maps on the stock ecu. Basically one can have max power on motor then max power on nitrous all in one tune. Its bad ass stuff.

Guess what I am making right now????? :pimp:
Well have to see how you have it set up now. What all do you have for fuel/timing control?
1 - 5 of 32 Posts
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