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Solid Tech Busa Baseline Dyno vs. Solid Tech Tuned

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Mods are all suspension at this point. Bike has a K&N filter and the stock pipes are gutted form the previous owner.

Feels a tad better well see what the track says.

Before tune vs after tune.

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I am waiting on my gearing befor i open my mouth. and my jet engine to run the dam new thermal coupal broke.
also sean i would like to flash my ecu and remove the governor so i can take off that dam tre. i would also like to tune the electronics for my new cams and shorty stacks according to schnitz there is a slight timing difference for cylinders1-4 vs 2-3 do to the long tube stacks from the factory im me your number
Number is 505-294-1020. You can ditch the whole power commander stuff with the tune up. The stock ecu works as a window switch, WOT switch and I can tune separate nitrous fuel and timing maps on the stock ecu. Basically one can have max power on motor then max power on nitrous all in one tune. Its bad ass stuff.

Guess what I am making right now????? :pimp:
thats great but with the nos i am running and the stand alone i want a back up however i will probable drop off the bike some time this week to have it tuned for the all motor. i am going with a progressive nos set up so you cant beat me. ha ha ill talk with ya
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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