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I typed "steering column lock" into google, and this was the first link, lol.

It looks like there's a fix for it, (it's called a CLB), but once the problem happens, it seems like that won't work. Good news it there's a recall for it, so you're probably going to have to take it to the dealer, but at least you won't have to pay for it.

Edit: I reread where you said the lock isn't on the car anymore.

Q What can happen then if my CLB gets out of sync?
A Your DIC will display "Service Steering Column Lock" error message; your steering wheel will not be locked; if you own a 1997-2000 C5 that has not had the recall implemented; you should be able to drive your car normally. You must reset your DIC each time you start your car if you are annoyed with the error message. IF you have a newer C5 (2001-2004) OR you've had the recall implemented, you will NOT be able to drive your car because the fuel will be shut off at speeds above 2 mph.
Looks like that might be your problem, not sure what that means though, if there's a way to "re-sync" it, or if that means it's failed.

Q I had the recall done and now after a few weeks my car is getting the dreaded “Service Column Lock” error message and I can’t drive it because the fuel is shut off. What should I do?
A You have the following choices: 1) return to the dealer and make them fix it; 2) A4 cars - replace or remove the Harness "K" assembly; 3) remove the recall mods and restore to original; 4)MN6/M12 cars only - go into your passenger footwell, locate the relay added by the recall mod, remove the relay altogether and bypass the circuit as described below (my choice).
I guess it could be this too, since you didn't say why your car doesn't have it anymore.
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