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1998 Jetta VR6
80k on the body

Schrick FI cams
Three angle valve grind on the head BVH
Schrick springs/valves all head work
New guides and retainers etc
New chains and guides about 10k ago
Mkiv HG (9.5:1 CR)
New TB (500miles on it)
New starter
SAI delete with 44DD plug (not installed but coming with)
ISV delete (Coolant no longer pumped into TB lol)
New coolant bottle/new hoses/new t-stat and t-stat housing
Battery moved to trunk New battery 6-10-08
Polished manifold
Bkr5e plugs/new wires

O2a with peloquin LSD full rebuild 10k ago
Hardened SPEC shift fork
ACT stage 2 full face clutch Kevlar/organic
Unorthodox 6lb fly wheel (new rear main while I was in there)
B&M short shifter with diesel geek SS reduction kit (new cables too)
Redline trans fluid (shock proof)
Stock cv’s sub 500 miles on them

Black leather front/rear seats
Black Dash
R32 shift knob
Sparco grip pedals
Black/tan (Guinness theme) interior conversion
Alpine deck/bose speakers
Battery in trunk

Rado spoiler
FK three bar badgeless
Blacked fogs/turns/reflectors

Buggattis 15x6.5 IIRC 205/55/15 Goodyears on it good tread left.
Zimmerman 11.3 drilled w/ mintex pads
Zimmerman drilled rears w/ mintex pads
SS lines
Uber blue fluid
8mm H&R rear spacers

Eurosport a-arm bar
10” Kicker comp VR
300x1 Fosgate amp
Q-logic sealed SPL box with poly fill.
All OEM parts/extra interior pieces full set including puffy leather goods.
EGT gauge (the wiring is bundled up under the dash it used to be by the deck before the break in and I never re-wired)
VW specific tools go with ie. Cam locking plate, plug wire tool, etc
Rear lower motor mount (stock)
Various oem hoses/plumbing

I am trying not to fuck around with this one.

It is not working out well

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I'm kind of a big deal...
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I can buy all that for you - the undersized testicals.. But I think your undersized penis should even that out.. Tehehe
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