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Tonight I decided to have a "calm" weekend night regardless of being invited to a friends party in Wilmington, and get some work done. We had a relatively large order come in Friday, so I decided to hang out, play some music, and do some inventory/tagging/etc.

I get hungry about 1030, and decide to head to the local subway that is 24hrs.

I pull into the very large parking lot (its also a gas station), and another truck with some retarded looking flames pulls in the same time. We were sort of blocking each others way, so I stop, and motion out the window for the truck to go first. I pull up behind him in an adjacent spot.

I get out normally. The truck driver does the same.


The truck driver- Black male, probably 25 years old, maybe older. 185lbs, maybe smaller, 5'8 ish. Wearing a black t shirt and jeans. Normal looking, a bit on skinny side. Not really threatening looking.

Me: I'm 6'0, 215lbs. Currently I am on my "bulk" cycle, aka eating massive protein, and everything else in my sight. No I do not take steroids, nor have I ever. I just recently started repping 325lbs on bench, and comparitively about 20-30lbs heavier on everything else (bent rows, dead lift, etc), which is the heaviest I have ever done thanks to a workout program done by a powerlifter friend of mine. So basically, I look generally bigger than usual. Those who met me in texas, I was on a "down" time, about 20lbs lighter than now.

Keeping in mind, I have no idea if this guy is a black belt in anything. I am no badass. I have little formal fight training outside light wrestling, and some boxing. Anyone who REALLY knows that they are doing should be able to whoop my ass. TRMIN8R should probably beat my ass, and I think he "looks" smaller than me. I can defend myself if Im angry, but thats about it.

Anyway, heres how it went, as the dude evidently thought i cut him off, even though I did not by any stretch of the imagination.

Other guy: What the FUCK you thinkin you doin white boy?
me: white boy? I didnt do anything, black boy.
OG: black boy? fuck you. fuck you think you are son. who the fuck you think you are. fucking KKK motherfucker.

(were about 10 feet from each other at this point)

me: I'm racist? You just called me white boy dumbass.
OG: fuck you son. dont refer to me as black.
me: (i sort of laughed as I started to walk to the door) dude you just called me white. what the fuck is that supposed to mean, an endearing name?

(i dont think he knew what "endearing" meant)

OG: fuck did you just say (he takes a step towards me)
me: look man, I dont need this. Im here to get a sub. chill.
OG: fuck you son. fuck you. whats up (raises his hands)

(i stop and turn to him (were now about 5 feet away from each other)

me: look man, I dont want any trouble, but you better chill the fuck out.
OG: or what the fuck you gonna do (hes visibly very upset at this point)

(me looking around for any backup he may have)

me: look man. I dont know who the fuck you usually encounter, but Im not afraid of you. so just chill.

OG: oh yeah, then whats up?
me: (I take a step forward, a bit irritated at this point) Look man. You aint got no one to back you up, but i swear to christ if you start some shit ot touch my fucking car, I will send you to the fucking hospital. Do what you need to then fucking leave.

(dude chills for a second, then takes a step back)

og: yeah thats what I thought

(i sort of chuckle then walk in the store)

I get my sub about 10mns later, then walk back out. Dude is still standing there.

OG: where you goin white boy? fuckin racist hatin bitch.
me: (sort of laugh) to my fucking house black boy.
og: its like that huh, its fucking like that.

At this point I get sort of pissed. I throw my sandwhich on the hood:

me: you know what dude, man the fuck up. Come the fuck over here. You think Im a punk, I will break your motherfucking jaw. Come here asshole. You think Im racist, lets fucking do it cockusucker!

(he doesnt say anything for a few seconds)

OG: nah man, you know what, Ill be back. fucking white hater! fuck you!

he jumps in the truck then drives off. Im assuming Ill be the victim of a hit squad sometime later this week. fucking idiot.

I hate the double standard in america. expecially when my most successful fighter I sponsor is a black dude Im good friends with.



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Hahaha what a bitch. The shit you have to go through just to get a fuckin' sandwich sometimes, god damn.

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...... anyway good story. Would have been better if he had made a move and you had knocked his dumbass to the pavement and then drove away laughing at him. Although he probably would have pulled out his stolen 22 pistol and really made the night fun.

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rofl, typical. Black doesn't even mean anything negative.

It doesn't matter what you do sometimes, I've been called racist against my own race when I used to work at lowe's because I wouldn't help them either steal shit, or return something that couldn't be returned. Or any other number of reasons.

Can't give you a huge discount for no good reason? I must be racist. People pull the race card for the most retarded reasons.

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I hate the double standard in america. expecially when my most successful fighter I sponsor is a black dude Im good friends with.
So you're Ok, cause you have a black friend?


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I hate when people try to make everything about color. Black & white or brown & white. Suppose you did cut him off. You did it because he is black? Oh, I am sorry sir, had I known you were white I would not have cut you off.

We get this all the time in law enforcement. Like the officer can tell what your race is, in the dark, through your tinted windows. Although some cars "look" to belong to a certain race.

Damn that sucks. What a dumbass. It seems to me like there is more and more fights like this and shit having to start off/do with your color. To me it just pointless and stupid, and anyone that starts a fight becuase they think that person is racist becuase they are a different color isnot worth fighting.

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Sounds about right, I swear, black people can say whatever the fuck they want to whites people but the FIRST time a white person says ANYTHING about a black person, we're racist. You showed a lot of restraint though, props for that.
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