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Welcome..Sweet ride

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I beat multiple LS1's with nothing but exhaust and a pulley in my car. Cant forget, we have tiny little 281 ci motors.
Yeah with 4 times the amount of camshafts!!!

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Thanks for the welcome everyone!

HPP is a GREAT SHOP! :) You're sig looks really familiar.. do you go to dallas often?
Yes, they are. Manny has been tuning my cars for almost 6 years. I'm in Dallas quite a bit but not with my car as of lately.

What the **** are they giving out Cobras I never got no e-mail....Welcome to the site.
LOL I've been in these cars since late 03'.

Awesome, another cobra owner. We need to take over the :gay: LS1's
Always good to hang out with other Cobra owners. I have nothing against the LSX crowd. I work on them regularly as I love the engines. I was a GM guy before this car. I still have much respect for them.
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