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Slow ass Trans Am

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This is my 98 Trans Am that I'm starting to play with. I couldn't beat the deal on the price of the car, then got the exhaust for $25 and the wheels for $350. None of which I really intended on spending but just couldn't drive a stock car. I have alot of plans for the car, just trying to keep myself from buying things until I know exactly what I want. I do plan on going over 400 cubic inches with a 150-250 shot of nitrous. I kinda want to keep the 6-speed just for taking it up and down the highway but that could change. And it will have a 12-bolt if not a 9" with prolly a 3.73 gear. All this could change at any moment but I've already started taking 20% of every check and setting it aside for the car. So that means I've cut down onthe eating out so maybe I can take so more weight off the car by loosing some my damn self.

Heres what she looked like the day I brought her home. Stock except for a lid, ****ed up tint on the windows and 131,000 miles. It also came with a WS6 hood that the corner got busted during shipping, but nothing a good fiberglass person can't fix.

After a week she had tinted windows, flowmaster cat-back and Z06 motorsports.

Then it took two weeks for the rear tires to come in but they were cheap. That and I took the bird off the back and painted the bottom black.

Well she is going in the shop this weekend even though I have not seen the car in almost two months. I'm working in Houston and have accumulated a few parts. Heres what she has as of 11-1-08

MS4 with PRC springs
Ported TB and LS6 intake
Hooker Long tubes and off road y-pipe
Lowering springs 1.3" (they were cheap) and before I got the QA1's
QA1's for the front (rears coming soon)
BMR Extreme Torque Arm
BMR Weld in sub frame connectors
Spec Stage 3 clutch and flywheel
LS2 timing set
TNT F1 nitrous kit with two nitrous bottles (gonna paint them as one is black the other is blue)
BMR Lower control arms
BMR LCA Relocation brackets
BMR adj. panhard bar
SLP dual out tips (again very cheap)
Tink adjustable master cylinder

Sounds factory cd player skipped and several speakers sounded like they were blown
Alpine idax100 media player
Alpine 6.5" speakers for back seat
Infinity component speakers for doors
Stealth box with kicker sub (I think) and amp
Fuel rail covers
McNord checkered guage overlays
Blue led interior lights (if they ever come in) hate the pontiac orange lights
and some other things I can't think of I'm sure
Nitrous pressure guage
Phantom oil pressure, coolant temperature, volt meter guages (might sell and get some cobalt guages but they came as a package)

Parts added 11-13-08
BMR tubular K-member
Weiand/LPE ported aluminum intake
Strut tower brace
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Going to be running this setup in stripper mode.

Hopefully they will be in by Next Tuesday and I can get everything mounted up.

Aso picked up a BMR extreme drag bar so now I just need a 12 bolt or a 9" if anybody knows where one is.
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Just get a 9". Dont **** around. If you gonna do it, might as well do it right.
Thats what I want but a 12 bolt can be resold pretty easily
Can a broken 12 bolt be sold easily?
Not making that much power yet. And it will have to be a damn good deal on the 12 bolt for me to buy it.
finally got her tuned and she made 375rwhp and I want to say 350rwtq through the chokemaster and tuned for spray with the 18s and 315s. With a cutout, underdrive pulley and a ported throttle body (found out the one I got was not ported but I didn't ever get to see it until after it was installed) she might get to the 400rwhp mark. The pro 5.0 came in today as well and hopefully when iget home for Christmas I can get the suspension and stripper shoes on.
Nice list of mods. Car's coming along nicely. Good luck man.
Nice keep up the good work
screw the mod list. Lets see some pics!
will post some pics when I get home and get it put together. I didn't have much time last time I was home. Can' t hardly wait but I've been trying not to buy anything else until I get a rearend.
nice bird man cant wait to see this thing in action someday
Well today was pretty much my first full day off since thanksgiving, and I have a lot of parts that have been waiting to go on the car. Got a little bit done and snapped some chitty pictures but you get the idea.

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Looking good. It should run pretty darn good.
I have not had much a of a chance to mess with the car lately but I will be home for the next two weeks so I plan on getting a few things done. Yesterday I ran to Lubbock and picked up a 6.0 out of I believe a 2004+ chevrolet truck and picked up a Eagel 4.00" stroke crank this morning. I have alos had two people sell 9" out from under me but I will get one soon hopefullly.
looks good bro love the wheeels...
Took a few pics with my phone last night. Tried getting one when she was taking off and had the fronts off the ground a few inches, but the camera wasn't quick enough.

Thiniing about putting her on a diet and still need to get a few bugs worked out, but she hooks pretty good now that she has the 9" and all.
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The 4" exhaust should be delivered today, hopefully I will pick up the Corbeau Forza 2 seats this evening, and maybe a 6-point cage later in the week (depending on if I have to go back to houston). Also ordered the bottle brackets last night, so I can go ahead and mount two bottles in the hatch or come up with some way to mount them where the back seats were.
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