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The 4" exhaust with the magnaflow muffler is on and sounds alot better than the chokemaster. I got the drivers side corbeau seat in but needs some different bolts to get the passenger side seat in. They are some bitches to get the bolts tight and not the easiest to get in and out of so I think some low slung door bars on a cage will work great. I'm hoping to start her diet saturday evening or sunday. Plan is to remove both passenger and driver's air bags. Remove all the carpet and replace with lightweight black carpet (mine is too stained and rugged to keep). Move the heater and airconditioner controls to the glove box, and install the volt meter, nitrous pressure, and water temp, guages where the heater and ac controls once were. (might even try and put them above the radio, since I have the Alpine media player instead). Still need to order my air-fuel gauge. Hopefully the battery relocation box will ship tomorrow, and possibly order the burkhart front bumper support. Then I plan on removing the front sway bar, all the smog junk, and any other useless weight in the front end.
Sounds like you got some work to do. When do you plan on having her ready to roll? Next season? I have an Auto meter A/F gauge if you need one. $20 bucks and it's yours. post pics when you get the seats mounted cherry.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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