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short video of my junk...

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nothing special...It was hot as **** outside and muggy. Overall just a shitty night...

[ame=]rockingham6-13-09012.flv video by Sprayin96ta - Photobucket[/ame]
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Not to bad. what track is that? it looks nice
Got out of the hole pretty good. :) Car sounds sick.
Sounds so good. What did you run?
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Looks like you got out pretty good man. +hp
i love THE ROCK that track is always sticky to the end
title is misleading..i almost didnt open it
title is misleading..i almost didnt open it
Nice yeah I second the misleading title, I love white cars man it looks and sounds sweet good run.
Where is that track?
That thing moves out pretty good dude!
thanks alot guys! I am aiming to bring it to TX2K10!! Hopefully gonna have the big jets in the fogger and the mild jets in the plate!! Looking for some bottom, bottom, 9.0's on kill...Still a pump gas, street friendly engine in a 3600lbs car..

on that pass it went [email protected] Delayed the gas 1sec out..
that a haelthy sounding motor
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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