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shit talker put in his place

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I watched the whole thing and I feel really bad for that douche bag.

Man, he got reamed.
dahahaha they are right he is such a ****in pussy!
I wish I drove a celica too. Poor kid, I don't see how the girl bothered to stay with him after all that.
damm that is one little biatch
I don't give a shit if you have a stock car and admit that it's slow. But this kinda stuff needs to stop.

I haven't seen a display of vaganitis like that in a while. And what's up with his girl? Someone needs to knock her the **** out.
BWaaa!! That totally reminds me of my ass drinking and talking shit!... I think the dude was in a fox at the end (Sounded healthy!) That dude got ****IN OWNED!..
Much rather run into someone that says their car is slow but run the piss out of it, then someone who talks up a storm and just sit in the parking lot.

and wtf 1 lambo door? :gay:
Thats good shit right there.
Boooo, I was expecting either a fight or a race.

****... its got.. yup. stock headers.

wow, didnt think they came with headers.

hahaha ****ing priceless. i actually signed up on their webside to see the thread but its not that funny

Great post JonVon:headbang:
You could stack their dicks head to balls and still only count to 3.
Boooo, I was expecting either a fight or a race.

haha I was expecting both. lol
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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