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SCSN Updates

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Groves on the 1st pass goes 7.71!
Keenan goes [email protected]!
Varela goes 8.50 and took out the trans. They're pulling it now.

Groves should make another hit soon.

ALSO--> Coby Rabon @ SCSN Las Vegas - 6.01 @ 244 in PRO STREET!!

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Shawn Jones is up right now! Bad hit! In and out for a mid 10.
1st day of Vegas has been pretty awesome.

Lots of amazing cars here, and from what I am hearing from everyone, there are more cars at this race than has been at any race in the last couple of years.

Pro car tonight ran a 6.00 at 242mph. Pretty stinkin fast.

All in all, looks to be an amazing weekend of racing.
Anybody have any pics of Chris and Frank's car?
So did Groves get the wastegate set up and working?
Thats badass. I wish i was there
Ironman - Yes I got pics and vids, but won't get to upload them till tonight. I will try to get some up on this thread later this evening though.

Buffhomer - Yessir....all seems to be working well. The car isn't perfect yet, but they didn't seem too unhappy with it, either. He was making like 42 lbs of boost, and they were able to keep it at that from what I understood.
damn i thought 20psi hauled ass, wonder what 42 feels like
Sick. Me, Cisco, Art and Anthony are headed to the track now. Can't wait!
The boys are making a statement:beer:
Could'nt believe Urist was there untill i seen a pic of his car.
Lots of shit talking between Nate P and Steve LOL
sup jerry how you been . i couldnt make it out to vegas this time i had to work . good to see the NM boys getting it done :beer::beer::beer:
Doing great superman:eek:ldman:why don't you make it down to speedworld on the 4th & 5th I'm going to race in the AFSC race same one I went to last year but this year racing in the 10sec class:beer:
wheres the updates?:???
1 - 20 of 101 Posts
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